Creative working space


Workspace provides an open space solution for freelancers to work, collaborate and get to know like-minded people, not only a comfortable and creative working environment but also an interesting community space.


Great place to work no distractions. Fair pricing.


Good work location in Danang.


The most convenient co-working space in Da Nang. Staffs are extremely friendly.


I've hosted meetings here my last few times in town. Very affordable hourly and daily rates for office space.


Hour Pass: Buy 1 drink and 24.000đ/seat/4h. Longer usage: 6.000đ/extra hour.

•Membership Pass:

-Weekly Pass: 455,000/7 continuous days from the registration.
-Monthly Pass: 1,650,000/ 30 continuous days from the registration.
-Flexible 10-day Pass: 650,000/10 days of arbitrary use in 45 days from the registration.
-Flexible 30-day Pass: 1,950,000 / 30 days of arbitrary use within 45 days of last use.
*The prices above included one free drink/ using day and the following ones will be discounted 15%


  • Say softly, walk quietly
  • Order drinks on the first floor.
  • Respect others.

Meeting Room

  • 100.000đ/hour.
  • 350.000đ/4 hours.


“The way a team plays is what creates success. You can have football stars in the world but if they don't play together, that club won't be worth it either.'





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